Luxury Latin America Newsletter
October 2009
Posting from Ecuador
What's New?
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This is a slow time of year for travel around the world, but I'm still running into travelers getting away to Latin America, taking advantage of low occupancy prices and thinner crowds.

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Posting from Ecuador
I'm sending this newsletter out a bit later than usual because I've been offline in the Galapagos. I just jumped back on from the misty Royal Palm Hotel on Santa Cruz island. Being off the grid is kind of nice for a while I must admit, especially when you're exploring nature and seeing millions of years of evolution at work.

I'll be posting a story on my tour with Angermeyer Cruises in November, but meanwhile you can see a few pics on the Luxury Latin America blog and I hope to get a video edited soon. The photos I took there make me look like I should be shooting for National Geographic, but as one recent visitor told me before I left, "If you don't come back with great photos then you didn't bring a camera." It's amazing how the animals there are oblivious to visitors.

If you were thinking about visiting the Galapagos someday, 2010 will be a golden time to go. Tourist numbers are expected to be half of what they were just two years ago because of the sputtering economy. Those who book for the coming year will be sharing the bays and trails with a lot fewer people.

What's New?
We've added a few new hotel reviews in the past month, including the long-anticipated Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas, Ponta dos Ganchos in Brazil, and the first true upscale hotel on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica: Le Caméléon Boutique Hotel.

In the real estate section we've now got a piece on some lesser-known beachfront real estate opportunities in northern Brazil and the villas for sale at Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Mexico.

Very few luxury travelers venture to El Salvador, but for those who do we have a new feature story about exploring the country with Los Almendros VIP Tours. Frequent contributor and guidebook writer Paige Penland really loved it there and she's almost convinced me to plan a vacation to this seldom-mentioned Central American country.
Coming Soon

Rio will host the Olympics, so now the pressure is on for Brazil to step up its game for foreign tourists. We'll be following the much-needed upscale hotel developments there closely, but for now we're expanding our coverage in northern Brazil. In the next few weeks we'll be posting reviews from Bahia, the island of Fernando de Noronha, and we'll have a review of the stunning coastal resort Fazenda da Lagoa.

We'll also be posting a review of the most luxurious hotel in the Galapagos, a few things from Quito, and a feature story on a family adventure tour in Belize.

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Timothy Scott
Editor, Luxury Latin America