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Updates from Benchmark

Introducing the Benchmark Email Emoji Picker for Subject Lines


You can now easily pick out an emoji to include in your subject line in Step 1: Details of the email creation process. This feature is available to you in our Drag & Drop Editor, HTML Code Editor and Plain Text Editor as well and can be used in the creation of regular emails, Automation Pro, RSS emails and a simple automation via Automation Lite.

Learn How & Why To Use Emojis In Your Subject Lines..

Benchmark Now Offers GDPR Compliant Sign Up Forms


We have updated our classic and pop-up signup forms to be compliant with the GDPR. All You have to do is include the required check box linked to your privacy policy. Find out How you can create GDPR-compliant sign up forms.

You can also read about the ways Benchmark Email is now GDPR friendly here.

Benchmark Email Now Offers RESTful APIs

Mar 7, 2018

Benchmark Email launched its RESTful APIs for public use. Partners and Developers can now create apps and integrations faster and in a more organized manner. If you’re interested in putting Benchmark Email’s RESTful APIs to use, you can access them through our developer’s page. With our APIs, you can make 500 calls every two minutes and 60,000 calls total each day.

To put our APIs to use, you’ll need to access your Benchmark Email API token.

Sync Contacts from Benchmark Email to CRM

Mar 1, 2018

You can now sync your Benchmark Email lists to your Benchmark CRM contacts or leads. Not only is this a great way to get updates from your email marketing list into your CRM, you can even use Benchmark Email signup forms and integrations to populate new contacts or leads to the CRM. Find out more on our CRM workflows page.

New Benchmark Email Interface Released

JAN 1, 2017

The first thing you’ll notice in Benchmark Email’s new user interface is a clear and concise navigation. All of your favorite features are now easier to find. At any point, while using our tools, you will have a better understanding of where you’re at and from where you have come.

Other improvements include a faster experience while creating email campaigns and automations with Benchmark. You will also be able to glance at your data and immediately interpret it without wasting any time having to determine the success of your efforts.

New Integrations to Grow Your Email List

Sept 5, 2017

We’ve released many new integrations to help you automatically add contacts from 3rd party tools and apps to your Benchmark account. This includes eCommerce, Form building, payment and video services such as 3dcart, Recurly, Stripe, Wistia and more. Check out the Apps & Integrations page for more.

Automation Fridays

Aug 4, 2017

Join us every Friday and have your email automation questions answered by our team of automation experts. They may even jump right into an account and show you how to build an automation themselves! This is an interactive opportunity and we’re here to serve as your teacher, consultant and sounding board for automating your emails, plus you’ll learn from what other marketers are doing with automation.

Benchmark CRM

Jun 26, 2017

Email marketing is only one part of the success equation for any business. The relationships you share with your customers extends beyond that. That’s why we’re launching Benchmark CRM to help you manage all aspects of your customer relationships. Sales, support and marketing all with one universal login.

New Integrations for Forms, Team Messaging, CRM and Customer Support

Apr 11, 2017

We're excited to announce new integrations with Formstack, Slack and Pipedrive. Also, with customer support systems Freshdesk, Desk.com by Salesforce and LiveChat.

New Benchmark Logo & Homepage

Mar 24, 2017

Benchmark is going live with an exciting re-brand which will include a new homepage and logo. We’re still the same great customer engagement tool you’ve come to know and love. We simply wanted to match the evolution we’ve taken as a company and brand.

Drag & Drop Email Designer Updates

Jan 24, 2017

We’ve made some improvements to our email editor with ease of use and speed in mind. Customization of the content blocks has been organized in a way that will flow better for marketers as well as some additional tweaks to make the editor more intuitive.

Automation Pro

Dec 15, 2016

Create automated customer journeys, which allow you to follow up with subscribers based on email engagement, website interactions and more. Using a digital canvas, map out paths for your contacts to be sent down. Actions can trigger emails to send, subscribers to move lists, etc., making your marketing more efficient as you convert leads to sales and subscribers to loyal customers.

Popup Signup Forms

Sep 13, 2016

Connect with site visitors, customers and blog readers at the right moment by creating well-designed popup forms for your website with our simple and highly customizable signup form editor.

New Automations

June 27, 2016

Send automated emails based on engagement. Check out our new automations (renamed from autoresponders). Don't worry, the list based, triggered automations are still there too!

New Integrations for Wufoo, CRM & eCommerce

June 20, 2016

This month, we’re excited to announce new integrations with Wufoo, as well as CRM tools Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SugarCRM and eCommerce platforms including BigCommerce, LemonStand and Volusion.

New Facebook Events Integration

May 25, 2016

Invite subscribers to one or multiple Facebook Events with our Facebook Events template integration.

New Twitter Integration

Apr 26, 2016

Share your five most recent tweets with our Twitter template integration.

New eBay Integration

Apr 26, 2016

Promote your items for sale with our eBay template integration.

New LinkedIn Integration

Apr 19, 2016

Share company info and updates with our LinkedIn template integration.

New Pinterest Integration

Apr 19, 2016

Share your boards with our Pinterest integration template.

New Etsy Integration

Apr 13, 2016

List your Etsy items with our integration template.

Facebook Like Button in Drag & Drop Editor

Apr 8, 2016

Easily add a "Facebook Like" button to your email campaigns.

Code Editor Improvements: Auto-Saving & Live Preview

Feb 22, 2016

Our Code Editor is now even easier to use thanks to an auto-saving feature that operates as you work. The Code Editor also auto-updates your Preview as you go without slowing down your workflow.

Benchmark Email Officially Available in France

Feb 16, 2016

Happy Holidays! Lots of New Templates Available

Dec 24, 2015

Benchmark Events New Pricing

Dec 10, 2015

Monthly fees for managing events have been eliminated. The fees per ticket have been reduced and can now be applied to the customer. Plus, you can now use your Authorize.net account to accept payments.

Share Galleries with Sub-Accounts

Dec 10, 2015

New expaned options for sub-accounts! Master accounts can now share images with sub-accounts.

Image, Video and File Gallery Popup Redesign

Dec 10, 2015

The media gallery in the Drag & Drop Email Designer has been redesigned to be even more intuitive to your needs.

Custom Footer

Dec 1, 2015

In our Drag & Drop Email Designer, footer links in email campaigns are now customizable.

New Templates

Nov 9, 2015

  • Diwali
  • Holy Week

Signup Forms (Small Embed)

Oct 13, 2015

Small embed forms are now available for you to quickly create and customize a signup form that can easily be embedded anywhere on your site.

RSS Schedule Delivery Improvements

Oct 13, 2015

Now with more options to schedule your RSS Email Campaign.

New Pricing Plans

Sep 23, 2015

New List Based plans. All List Based plans up to 50k come with unlimited sending. Any plan higher than 50k is able to send 14X the number of their subscriber plan.

Email Report - Click Heat Maps

Sep 21, 2015

Get more out of your email report by visually seeing what links have been clicked in your campaign.

Eventbrite Integration & Templates

Sep 1, 2015

You can now integrate your events from Eventbrite with templates for single or multiple events.

SurveyMonkey Integration & Templates

Aug 27, 2015

You can now integrate your surveys from SurveyMonkey with templates designed specifically for them.

Email Report - Time of Open & Clicks

Aug 26, 2015

Our email reports now have an hourly chart option. See the first 72 hours of opens and clicks for your email campaigns.

Autoresponder - More Time of Delivery Options

Jun 24, 2015

Autoresponders are now more powerful with the option to take control of your send times. Be certain your subscribers are receiving your messages when you want them to.

Text Wrapping

Jun 24, 2015

The Email Designer now allows you to wrap text around your images with ease.

Preview Text

Apr 20, 2015

You may now add preview text to your email campaigns. It's a short summary text that immediately follows the subject line when viewing an email in most inbox clients.

Simple Layout

Apr 1, 2015

Our Email Designer now features Simple Layout. This is a new layout that helps you create simple and basic emails, while keeping all HTML formatting options such as text styles and ability to add images.

Agency Accounts

Mar 13, 2015

Benchmark Email now has the perfect solution for a marketing agency or email marketer that operates multiple clients’ accounts. Maintain control over all accounts and earn a 25% partner commission.

PIN Security

Feb 5, 2015

Maintain an extra level of security for paid accounts. Users can enable a security pin that must be entered before exportings lists and reports. Great for users with Sub Accounts.

Targeted Emailing

Jan 15, 2015

With a Benchmark Email Paid Plan, you can pinpoint your most engaged subscribers and biggest fans. Add them to a new list, based on how they interact with your email campaigns!

New Notification System

Nov 18, 2014

Never miss a notification! They're easier to access, found right in the top menu.

Reports - Opens by Device

Oct 15, 2014

A user can now see what device their subscribers are on when opening their emails.

Email Designer v1.1 Is Here!

Oct 14, 2014

New Email Designer features include:

  • New navigation bar block
  • Added mobile stylings
  • Ability to create and edit email 8x faster
  • Dual View HTML Editor

Image Storage Increase

Oct 10, 2014

If you have upgraded to Image Hosting Plus, you now have unlimited storage! Keeping your email campaigns fresh with captivating images is now easier than ever before.

New Customer Support Portal

Sep 4, 2014

Brand new one-stop-shop for all your support needs. Get in touch or find the resources you need.

Delete Multiple Emails or Lists

Aug 28, 2014

It’s easier than ever before to delete more than one email or list at a time.

New Partner Web Page Ad

Aug 20, 2014

We have designed and coded a new web page ad just for you!

New Partner Banner Ad Set

Aug 20, 2014

Brand new set of banners for our partners to use. Expertly designed by our team here at Benchmark.

Email Designer Speed Improvement

Aug 13, 2014

Now able to throw around jargon like optimized, the new Benchmark email designer is almost twice as fast as before.

New Email Templates this Month

August 1, 2014

Our expert design team is always adding great new templates to the mix. Make sure you look great in your subscribers' inbox!

Email Schedule Delivery Page Redesigned

August 5, 2014

It’s easier than ever to schedule delivery of your email campaigns. Removed the clutter, bringing you a cleaner look that is faster and easier to use.

New Email Designer is Here!

July 24, 2014

It’s Automatically responsive and mobile friendly. Quickly drag-and-drop images and move around sections of your email. Edit images without any need for Photoshop.

Mobile App for Android

July 24, 2014

The Benchmark mobile app has launched for Android. This includes improvements to the mobile app as well.

Benchmark Community Redesigned

July 09, 2014

See what other Benchmark users are doing in the redesigned Community. A great way to be inspired for your own email campaigns.

Describe Email Page Redesigned

June 17, 2014

We removed the clutter and cleaned up the look, making it easier than ever to get your email started.

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